The S&P Indy 500 (CTB, SPX)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

We’re going to attempt two separate operations today. First, to address (briefly) the current state of the equity market and second, to offer you a unique trade on a single company we’ve come to like over the last few weeks. We’ll start with the equity market. 1. KEY REVERSAL DAY We’re not going to belabor […]

June 30, 2014

The Next Wave Higher (XLF, SPY)

Executive Lounge, Wall Street Elite

We’ve spoken a number of times in the past about the advantages and use of technical analysis in the study of markets. And we’ve also discussed the limitations that we currently face using those same tools as we attempt to navigate what we believe is an unprecedented market reality – one of global super-hyper-liquidity. [click […]

June 9, 2014