Track Record: Penny Pick Elite

The following methodology was used for the Penny Pick Elite scorecard.

At the least expensive online brokerages, a zero premium trade with 10 pairs of pairs traded would cost investors roughly $15 to initiate. Using this as the base cost, we’ve calculated the profits on the trades below, knowing that either more or less pairs traded will change the P/L results dramatically.

It is important to note that Normandy Research did not include costs to close the trades. Sometimes these trades were closed at expiry (without commissions), while others were closed out early. For the sake of uniformity, we’ve left closing commissions out of the calculation altogether. In a worst case scenario, investors had to shell out another $15 to close before expiry.

All percentages are calculated as honestly as possible, but timing and execution must be assumed in order to offer a successful glimpse into our premium newsletter track record.

Annual summary –

Year Return
2013 17.01 %
2012 9.59 %


Individual Trade Breakdowns –

Date Trade Explanation Entry Price Exit Price Profit
9/17/2014 APT Alpha Pro Tech is a “bread and butter company”. The company manufactures and markets innovative disposable and limited-use protective apparel products for the industrial, clean room, medical and dental markets. They also manufacture and market a line of construction weatherization products, including building wrap and roof underlayment. $2.50 Open
9/10/2014 INFU InfuSystem Holdings Inc. is a company that provides infusion pumps and related services to the United States and Canada. The company broke resistance at the $3 mark. I believe the market will ultimately reward INFU with a higher valuation in the coming months. $3.00 Open
9/3/2014 TINY Harris & Harris Inc. is a venture capital firm with offices in Palo Alto and Los Angeles. The firm seeks to invest in tiny technology including microsystems and transformative nanotechnology. This stock has room to run. $3.87 Open
8/27/2014 PFIE Profire Energy Inc. The company recently reported a blow out quarter and shares have room to run in the coming weeks. $3.85 Open
8/20/2014 LTS Lagenburg Thalmann Financial Services has been inching towards it’s 52-week high and is a level not seen in 15 years for the company. It is one of the oldest companies in the U.S., founded in 1876. With solid quarterly numbers to add to the equation. $3.00 Open
8/13/2014 MNDO Update on MIND C.T.I. from last month.
7/30/2014 Updates on ANV and APT No New Trade
7/23/2014 Current Stock Update. No New Trade
7/16/2014 CXDC From a strictly technical standpoint, China XD Plastics Inc. (CXDC), the company had reached unsustainable heights. Then the July 10, SeekingAlpha article titled “China XD Plastics: When the Numbers Don’t Add Up, There’s Over 80% Downside.” Hit the web and shares hit a halt. From where I sit, my gut tells me the stock will hit with another wave of selling. CXDC makes this stock worth of close monitoring going forward. OPEN
7/9/2014 NURO NeuroMetrix, Inc. (NURO) is a company that develops and markets products for the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of peripheral nerve and spinal cord disorders. The FDA cleared a new product and granted a clearance from for a new device. By the closing bell the company almost had 13.5 million shares change hands. $1.89 OPEN
7/2/2014 MNDO MIND C.T.I. Ltd. is trading under the symbol MNDO and prepped for a pop. MIND’s convergent billing and customer care solution supports multiple services, including voice, data and content services, as well as both prepaid and postpaid payment models in a single platform. MIND’s prepaid solution authorizes each service and controls each session in real time, assuring the balance in not exceeded. In the most recent quarter the company posted profitable results. They also reported two under the radar significant business developments. The company has a daily churn rate of about 50,000 shares over the past year and a smallish float of 15 million shares. $2.30 OPEN
6/18/2014 Update on Current Plays No New Trades
5/21/2014 ENSV Enservoco Corp.   is showing a highly supportive trend toward increased fracking. It may take time for the market to digest ENSV’s recent significant gains, but given the current forces in play, the stock appears to make sense as a solid buy and hold candidate for 2014. Six-month price target is $3.25.
5/14/2014 TSYS TeleCommunication Systems Inc. technically broke $3 earlier in the month, which was significant. The levels haven’t approached this in two years. Their volume is improving and from where we sit, shares are shaping up to be a solid buy and hold candidate for 2014. $3.07
5/7/2014 JAMN Today we are looking at Jammin Java. With musical royalty at the helm and taking great strides in both expanding it’s market penetration and showing signs of breaking out of a narrow trading range. $0.33
04/23/2014 BTCS This is no doubt a riskier trade,however we argue that much of the downside has already been extinguished. And though we don’t anticipate any miraculous runs in the share price of BTCS in one day or one week. The company’s stock is a very compelling bet on the gradual growth and acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. $0.22
04/16/2014 HPJ As we’ve witnessed over the past several weeks, when equity markets begin to reel to the downside, the hype surrounding the sector moves and individual stocks in those sectors tend to give way to reality. This is the case with Highpower International Inc. HPJ has some nice support shaping up at between $4.00 and $4.20 per share.
04/02/2014 CPST There are many factors at play in the reasons for this topic. They have also caused a nice price bump for CPST, with shares breaching and holding above the $2 mark for the first time in a half-decade – hovering around the $2.25 mark right now.
03/19/2013 SGLB Right now SGLB presents the rarest of rare opportunities in the over-the-counter world to truly get early in on an extraordinarily promising opportunity with massive potential. Management has one of the best pedigrees in the business, the company has a working relationship with one of the biggest companies in the world, institutional support has already started to flow into the issue and competition currently appears to be minimal at best. With the stock currently priced under the recent private placement value, now seems like an ideal time to invest.
2/19/2014 EVI Right now EnviroStar, Inc. is set up to be a stock that is an up-and-coming company that are flat-out performing and profitable. It could be a stock with nice gains ahead if you are patient enough to stay the course. From where shares are sitting, the price is a bargain and has some solid support at the $3 level should the selling continue.
2/05/2014 FSPM This issue was one of two plays that appeared primed to benefit from the capital rush into marijuana stocks that accompanied Colorado’s legalization of the substance in January, and plans afoot in many other states to pass similar legislation. As hoped, FSPM shares raced all the way to and through the $8 mark after we wrote about the stock in early January when it was trading at $2.90 per share. Currently sitting at about $6 per share, I would reduce my position here by half, take the 100% return, and hold on to the rest in anticipation of ongoing sector strength.
2/05/2014 EDXC The second of two “pot stocks” we profiled in January, this company’s shares have also seen a nice jump from about $0.14 each, to a recent trading print of $0.21. I like the nice steady rise in EDXC’s price, along with the fact that the company is well-positioned geographically to benefit from the Colorado law change. Until the sector shows signs of buyer’s exhaustion, I expect these shares to continue to grind their way higher. If you took a position in this one, I recommend leaving it open.
2/05/2014 DLHC This Christmas Eve pick from December truly was a gift if you chose to play it. Shares quickly ripped from the $1.60 – $1.70 channel they occupied when we issued an alert on this company as a potential breakout candidate, and that’s exactly what happened. Within two weeks DLHC had established a series of new 52-week highs, quickly pushing up and through 100% gains to a $3.50 top. Market conditions and profit-taking have since conspired to push this issue back down to about $2.50, but I would keep my position open pending the market’s reaction to the company’s earnings report set for the end of the week. If those results are good, I expect DLHC to eventually take out new 52s.
2/05/2014 EMMS
This bread and butter play in the radio broadcasting industry remained stuck in neutral for several weeks, hovering around our entry point of $2.30 per share in September, rarely budging more than a few pennies a day either up or down. Finally, buying interest increased dramatically at the end of 2013, pushing shares back through the $3 level. Although I still like this company as a long-term hold, market conditions are such that it’s a good time to cash out, with the stock still holding at about $2.80 per share—good for a nice gain of over 20%.
2/05/2014 III
Also recommended in the summer of 2013 when shares were trading at $2.50, the stock has simply headed north, recently touching a new 52-week top of $5.50 per share. With the issue continuing to show solid relative strength, and still trading near that 52-week top, my instinct is to let this one ride. That said, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so if you’ve had the courage to hold this 125% gainer since the summer, now is a good time to book those profits and monitor III for a fresh entry position on any significant price pullback—if there is one.
2/05/2014 OCTX
Like EMMS, shares of this issue have traded in a relatively narrow range, but below the price the stock was trading at the time of our recommendation— $6.75 per share. Usually under volatile market conditions like the ones we’re currently experience, I would suggest eliminating risk and cutting losses in a stock like this, which is now at $6.10 per share. Instead, however, given that the company just closed a private placement of 750,000 shares, and updated their plans to proceed with the launch of their conventional drilling plans, my recommendation is to stay the course for now. That said, the risk-averse trader/investor should probably turn to other less speculative plays.
2/05/2014 WTER
From almost the time we highlighted this company trading on the OTC exchange at $0.50, shares sprung a leak, slipping all the way down to a 52-week bottom of $0.17, before appearing to stabilize at the $0.21 level. Despite the company’s steady stream of new distribution agreements for its flagship product, sellers still appear to be in control of this one. That said, given that it appears to have scraped bottom, I’d hang on in hopes of the company posting solid revenues at some point down the road.
9/11/2013 EMMS
Moving almost in price lockstep with III, shares of this national radio-station operator continue to find buyers and new 52-week tops. It surged to a new 52-week high of $3.60 after our Sept. 11 update, and has since pulled back to around $3.30 in consolidation mode. Another solid earnings report could invite fresh 52’s as well. $2.30 Open
9/11/2013 III
Highlighted this summer as a breakout candidate when trading at $2.50, shares ripped higher soon after our story. Last week we mentioned the shares in our “Taking Stock” update as knocking on the door of 52-week high resistance at around $3.65. Buyers soon broke through the wall, lifting to about $3.80 before pulling back. This issue is one to keep an eye on for additional new 52’s. $2.59 Open
9/5/2013 OCTX
We issued a re-alert for Octagon 88 Resources with shares trading at $6.70. As promised, the company released Petroleum-In-Place reports for its holdings and those numbers found favor with market participants, quickly lifting OCTX up to $8 per share. $6.70 Open
8/27/2013 WTER Shares of this IPO-ish OTC play rocketed up through the $1.00 mark last week, topping out near $1.30 per share, up more than 100% from our initial mention when shares were funneling up and down a $0.50 – $0.60 channel. $0.50 Open
8/24/2013 NAMG
North American Oil and Gas shares were trading at $1.25 when profiled and have edged down to the $0.88 level at last trade. Easing of Syrian tensions has weighed on stocks in the oil and gas sector over the past week, making them risky plays under current circumstances. $1.25 Open
8/19/2013 PLCSF Shares of maker of kidney-disease related lead product Renal Guard, which is already marketed in Europe, made one move off bottom but have settled into the low end of their 52-wee range at about $0.07 — the same level it was at when profiled. This issue appears to need a fresh catalyst to enter a sustainable uptrend. $0.07 Open
8/4/2013 AVXL Development-stage Alzheimer’s drug company was profiled at $0.50. Since then AVXL shares have elevated about 13% to $0.63 each. This one remains one to keep on your radar, especially as a potential sector-mover if other Alzheimer’s drugs make headlines. $0.50 Open
7/24/2013 RGDX Response Genetics is a life sciences company that deals in the research, development, marketing and sale of pharmacogenomic tests for use in the cancer treatment through the U.S., Asia and Europe. Share prices stayed withing the $1.20 – $1.60 range for most of the year and have recently hit a new 52-week high of $2.22. The catalyst? The announcement that the company extended an agreement with Taiho Pharmaceutical to provide testing services. $2.22 Open
7/17/2013 III Information Services Group is a technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company. They have more than 500 clients worldwide. In the most recent quarter the company posted EPS of $0.06 beating analysts expectations of $0.02. Sales came in at $50.59, blowing past analysts expectations of $49.25 million. It is expected that the company will continue with stellar sales to surpass $50 million range per quarter over the next year. Shares have recently hit a new two week high reaching $2.59. Volume I strong and this could breakout to higher level as well with a $3 magnet possibility. $2.59 Open
07/03/2013 EMMS Shares are currently hovering around the $2.30 level. The companies base stock price for the year ranged from $1.50 to $1.70. However since positive Q1 earnings, shares have headed north. Media companies tend to be defensive in nature and not subject to many of the traditional twists and turns that macroeconomic imperatives that stocks in other sectors are forced to contend with. $2.30 Open
06/18/2013 TQLA Originally brought to your attention last month, we are revisiting this stock. The company is going to continue rolling out announcements regarding product placements, distribution deals and additions to its newly formed Advisory Board. If you were not lucky enough to get in the first time the risk may be worth the reward. $0.85 Open
06/10/2013 BLGX The company has recently been hit with a flurry of positive news about results from a recent clinical study on their Biologix Revive, an alopecia treatment. Last week the company hit an all time high of $4.30 per share. $4.30 Open
4/10/2013 ECTY Shares are ranging between $1.13 and $1.23 per share. The company has been on a nice tear since the beginning of the year, nearly doubling base price. We expect shares to slowly rise in value over the coming months. $1.13 Open
4/03/2013 STRM The company is taking advantage of the electronic medical records management. Ranging between $6.96 and $7.22 per share. STRM is set to realease earnings on 4/23/2013. I suspect STRM may have some nice run left leading up to the results – and beyond – if results are positive. $6.96 Open
3/27/2013 ORYN Shares are ranging between $0.32 and $0.36 per share, but volume remains noteworthy and April catalysts are right around the corner. Though risky, I’d hang in there a bit longer with this one. $0.32 Open
3/20/2013 EVC Shares ripped to a new 52-week high of $3.53 before pulling back, after being profiled at $2.75 per share. $2.75 Open
3/13/2013 VSR Shares have gone south since being profiled at $4.63, currently trading at $4.12. Sellers are currently in control. $4.12 Open
3/06/2013 ATEC Penny Pick Elite recommended ATEC as both an earnings play and a longer-term hold due to the growing demographic demand for spine-related conditions. Shares have surged to a 52-week high of $2.42 this week before falling back to $2.20. This should continue to be a strong play. $2.01 $2.42 87.96%
2/27/2013 JOEZ Penny Pick Elite recommended JOEZ and the stock is now trading around $1.60, within the striking distance of its 52-233k top of $1.66. $1.39 $1.66 19.42%
2/20/2013 NEO Penny Pick Elite recommended NEO and since has reached a new year high of $3.52. We like this company’s performance and expect higher prices in the coming year. $3.40 $3.52 3.52%
2/13/2013 MJNA Penny Pick Elite recommended and since a sector-selloff prompted profit taking down to the mid $0.20 level, which may be a good entry point long term. $0.40 $0.20 -50%
2/06/2013 NLS Penny Pick Elite recommended NLS and continues to look like a strong stock for 2013 as their earnings continue to impress. $6.20
1/30/203 MOC Penny Pick Elite recommended MOC and since has surged to a new year high. Trading volume has trailed off but we continue to like this company as it appears to be slowly and steadily growing revenues and profits. $2.11
1/23/2013 TGC Penny Pick Elite recommended TGC and we continue to stick with the premise that this one will eventually rise with the price of crude and bullish market conditions, but there are better opportunities elsewhere. $0.72
1/16/2013 USAT Penny Pick Elite recommended USAT and since the company has surged to a 52-week high and pulled back shortly. We still think this is a longer-term hold as the company appears to be gaining significant sales traction. $2.21
1/09/2013 TCX Penny Pick Elite recommended TCX and since has appeared to be doing some price consolidation from the recent run up in the $1.60-$1.70 range. Shares may remain in a holding pattern until the company’s next earnings report. $1.54 $1.70 10.38%
1/02/2013 CYRX Penny Pick Elite recommended CYRX and shares have since reached as high as $0.60. High profile contracts should bode well for this company’s share price. Keep this stock on your radar. $0.33 $0.60 81.81%
12/26/2013 VELT Penny Pick Elite recommended VELT and since the company’s management met with analysts and has been downgraded twice. Approach with great caution but long-term potential is here when the company gets it’s earnings act together. $5.04
12/19/2012 SYRG Penny Pick Elite recommended SYRG and has continued to maintain a strong stock for months. Insiders continue to snatch up shares at prevailing prices despite the increase in the price. We expect this stock to grind out more gains later in the year. $5.11
12/12/2012 XPLR Penny Pick Elite recommended XPLR has since took a dive since a bad earnings report which has showed a multi-million dollar decline in quarter-over-quarter revenue. I would suggest looking elsewhere for profits. $3.60
12/05/2012 ZAZA Penny Pick Elite recommended ZAZA after the company completed a large French asset sale which pushed the stock up to $2.50. Since then sellers have held sway pushing the stock price back down. This may prove to be a good entry point but shares need a specific catalyst. $2.05 $2.50 21.95%
11/28/2012 CPAA Penny Pick Elite recommended CPSS and shares have since surged to a year high as the company’s earnings came in better-than-expected. Shares have since pulled back. The stock should continue to be a strong play for 2013. $4.65
11/21/2012 CO Penny Pick Elite recommended CO as there was strong support for the stock. We said to keep this stock on your radar for a higher move and that is just what it did in the wake of the this week’s earnings report. This remains a stock for watch. $2.78
11/14/2012 ES Penny Pick Elite recommended ES after the company received a buyout offer of $3.75 per share in January and continues to trade at that level. The money seems to have been made already with this one. $3.09 $3.75 21.35%
11/07/2012 HEK Penny Pick Elite recommended HAK and shares initially pulled back but buying interest recently drove the stock up to the $4 level where we recommended taking profits. $3.30 $4.00 21.21%
10/30/2012 TAGG Penny Pick Elite recommended TAGG as both a long and short. Shares immediately rose as recent resistance at around the $0.45 level then dropped to $0.05 before bouncing higher. The short play was the winner here. $0.30 $0.45 21.21%
10/24/2012 LPH Penny Pick Elite recommended LPH and since the stock price surged all the way to a new year high of $2.85 and is the new poster-child for caution buying shares of China-based companies. Shares have since halted since a story arose of accusing them of fraud. Trading probably won’t resume trading anytime soon. $2.85
10/17/2012 DHRM Penny Pick Elite recommended DHRM and since shares have been sitting around $1.85. The pick never caught fire as flat revenue from the company’s most recent earnings. We recommend looking elsewhere for opportunities. $2.30 $1.85 19.56%


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