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ICARUS ALTITUDES (IYT,DIA,FAS)   Everyone wants to fly.  Everyone wants to be a spaceman and soar to the heavens, free from the shackles of this mortal coil.   Look at Playboy Branson of Virgin Airlines fame, look at Amazon’s Bald Bezos, look at Elon Musk from the Tesla boondoggle, and you’ll understand that the rich […]

October 3, 2017

The CAT Came Back (CAT,GS,DIA,IYT)

Executive Lounge, Options Trader Elite

The CAT Came Back (CAT,GS,DIA,IYT)   It’s not easy to measure the impact geo-political events will have on markets.  Indeed, most headline-grabbing happenings – including live fire incidents between sovereign nations – end up having a negligible effect on securities prices.   That said, if the fear that a major conflagration might erupt captures traders’ […]

June 29, 2017

Theory and Practice (DIA,IYT)

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Theory and Practice (DIA,IYT)   It was all spelled out some eighty years ago, by a little known, London-based equity analyst who wrote, The fellow lived and traded through a great many financial ups and downs, including two global military conflagrations and several cataclysmic economic down-cycles that sundered both the U.K. and global economies.  But […]

March 30, 2017

Transport Hi-Jinx! (IYT)

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There are a number of important, broad market developments underway, and we’re going to use today’s letter to draw your attention to them.   The first is found in the bond market, where the divergence between the price of the riskiest instruments is running entirely at odds with that of the safest. The second involves […]

September 6, 2016