The Great Wall Street Book of Revelations (NFLX)

The Great Wall Street Book of Revelations (NFLX)

The time has come friends, after all these years, to reveal my true identity.


You, of course, already know me as mild-mannered stock analyst and sometime comic genius Hugh L. O’Haynew. And for millions just like you, that suffices. After all, you make your money, you get your entertainment, you’re party to some of the most brilliant and insightful financial, economic and political analysis known to mankind – and it all comes to you practically free.


Clint Eastwood

But that’s actually not our real name. And more than that, Normandy may or may not be the real company we’re working for.


Indeed, it’s true. And the folks at Interpol, the NSA, the Mossad, MI5, the Stasi and Cheka have all attempted, unsuccessfully, to recruit us for their own nefarious purposes.


So who is ‘Hugh’?


Hugh is who, indeed?


Heh, heh, heh…


Allow me to introduce myself.


My real name is Joe Jacobson. It’s a name you’ll hear increasingly as the months pass, for the world is now ready to digest the truth of my existence.


But first a little background.


I make my home in the hill country of Northern Kashmir, where there also reside a great many beasts that would tear you limb from limb and happily feast on your entrails should you ever attempt to find me.

Do you dare

I come from a long line of global shipping and logistics magnates, and believe me, nothing – I mean absolutely nothing – moves in this world without me knowing about it.


And that positions me perfectly to write about investment trends and the latest profit making opportunities for what you believe is Normandy Research.


He’s gonna do it! He’s done it before!


Now, then… your next question is very likely why we’ve chosen to expose ourselves (so to speak) at this juncture.


And the answer is simple. We reveal the truth today because Truth itself – with a capital T – is also shortly going to be made manifest.


And what is that Truth?


Read my lips, friends: the entire world is about to be swallowed up in a morass of fiendish devilry, the likes of which haven’t been witnessed since Torquemada visited the Vatican recesses and asked for the keys to the Q-room.


More on the Vatican later.


Now is the time for revelation, the time to share with you the wealth of knowledge and genuine treasure that has been hidden away for 22 years, ever since that wintry Hong Kong afternoon in 1993, when our brothers cast us from our home and sold us to a traveling band of Hindu carnival performers that was in truth nothing more than a front for the infamous Mukherjee Nepalese slave trade clan.


The story is a tortuous one and not for today. Perhaps when the book is eventually released, we’ll sit down over some toasted panther and have ourselves a chuckle. Until then, we implore you: do not look elsewhere for your news. You will be gravely disappointed and most assuredly dead.


What You Must Do to Survive


We now come directly to the point. The future is slavery. Some may contend that it always has been. No matter. We say that those who possess the knowledge of how to deal with that slavery, how to combat it and even overthrow it, will be the ones who survive. They are the ones who will have read these lines most closely.


So listen up –


Those who possess a craft – carpentry, upholstery, iron-work, whatever – pass it on to your sons. Musicians, too. Farmers large and small (but more likely small) will also weather the coming storm better than most. And if you have the means to outfit a small store that sells staples, get it up and running now. Do not wait. Dry goods. Paper essentials. Cleaning supplies. Keep it simple.


These are the vocations, skills and crafts that will be in greatest demand when the bottom falls out.


And yet all the foregoing is predicated upon you knowing the Truth, believing it and practicing it to the best of your ability.


Call me names if you like, friends, and doubt whatever you will – you do so at your own peril.


The truth is simple, friends, and it is as follows: the entire system is a lie. And the only way at present to survive it, is to know it is a lie, harness it, and make it work for you.


Call that cynical. Call it disingenuous. Again, no matter. There’s simply nothing left out there whatsoever. Just a veneer. A façade. There is no more integrity. It’s all a pretense.


Join the Pretenders


It’s nothing we’d teach our kids, that’s for certain. But this is investing in the 21st century.


We are advising you to be well-positioned for the final flurry of buy orders that will shortly lift the market in a most exquisitely ill-begotten and deceitful manner toward its final summit. We also urge you to climb aboard the latest acronymic package of nonsense, the so-called FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and ride them to Everestian financial glory.


And there is no better way of accomplishing that than by initiating a CALL backspread on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX).


Take a look –


  1. The chart shows little in the way of froth, with RSI and MACD both at or approaching their mid-way waterlines (in green).


  1. We also see two Japanese candle indications that are outright bullish – the bullish engulfing pattern (in red) that occurred roughly 20 sessions back that pushed Netflix to new highs last week, and


  1. The ‘hammer’ candle that appeared just yesterday, a bullish reversal indication.


It’s a go, friends. And here is how we are going to make the money:


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With kind regards,

Hugh L. O’Haynew

1 comment on “The Great Wall Street Book of Revelations (NFLX)

  1. Dear Mr. O’Haynew,

    Your commentary and analysis is always enjoyable and often worthy of comment, which I have done a few times over the months. The graphics often bring a chuckle or better. So best wishes to you and Mr. McAbby for the New Year.

    A comment on the NFLX analysis: You note the bullish engulfing candle on November 16, but did not notice or ignored the subsequent bearish engulfing candle on December 7. Why? Also you note the hammer on December 14. Subsequently to your analysis is that a “gravestone doji” candle on December 17, followed by another hammer on December 28th?

    Are we getting hammered by the NFLX patterns?

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